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Sponsors of the Big Data Congress 2017


Under the Department of Employment, Business and Tourism, Barcelona Activa is the organisation responsible for promoting the city’s economic development, designing and implementing employment policies for all residents and encouraging the development of a diversified local economy.

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CaixaBank is the top financial group in the Spanish market, with banking business, insurance business and investments in international banks and in leading companies and services. Led by President Jordi Gual and CEO Gonzalo Gortázar, the company has nearly 16 million customers and a network of 5,525 offices.

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SmartCAT is the Government of Catalonia’s strategy to extend the concept of the Smart City to a scale that the European Commission calls a Smart Region and to deploy a programme that integrates and coordinates local and supra-local initiatives, supports businesses and rolls out smart initiatives as a strategy for the country.

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BOARD is a decision-making platform that has enabled over 3,000 businesses worldwide to quickly roll out Business Intelligence, Corporate Performance Management and Predictive Analytics applications on a single, unified platform without the need for programming.

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To be a sponsors of Big Data Congress please contact:

Business: The Big Data Congress is an opportunity to create a marketplace between companies that are developing projects in the Big Data sector, and companies that want to exploit this new channel, to improve their processes and their communication with customers, employees and suppliers.

The sponsors of Big Data Congress will present their projects during the conference in a exhibition place.