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The benchmark for companies in data value

Big Data CoE Barcelona is a new centre driven by Eurecat Technology Centre, the Government of Catalonia, the Barcelona City Council and Oracle that will build, develop and provide tools, data sets and value-added Big Data capabilities to enable companies on defining, testing and validating Big Data models before its final implementation.

The center will also offer training services for professionals looking for specialization within the field and a dissemination programme focused on showing trends and Big Datasuccess casesto spread among businesses a new culture based on the value of the data.

We will work with a model of innovation and a infrastructure that will allow a significant improvement in companies’ process of strategic decision-making and will accelerate the innovation process of the business sector.

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The creation of a Centre of Excellence in Big Data Barcelona is aligned with public, local and national policies to drive strategic sectors and the European strategy of promotion of Big Data through public-private initiatives.

The Centre of Excellence in Big Data represents a milestone in the realization of the Catalan strategy Smartcat, the modernization of our administration and our economy through digital technologies, and a step ahead to become a pole in the south of Europe in Big Data.


  • To create an innovation place to help companies to create/identify value from data.
  • To integrate the key technology offer in Big Data
  • To train companies and professionals in the field of Big Data
  • To become an international benchmark in this field